TTG Workout Arsenal

Welcome to TTG Basic Training!  Not sure where to start? Check out our novice-level fitness workouts, designed to acclimate you to the workout program and to prepare your body to take on the next 2 tiers of the TTG fitness program!  When ready to build a solid foundation, click the link below:

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Not a beginner?  Don't worry we've still got challenging workouts for you.  Check out our intermediate-level fitness tier workouts, they'll give you the challenge that you've been looking for.  When ready to advance your body's capabilities to the next level, click the link below:

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 *WARNING*: These workout routines are designed for experts only, we strongly encourage you to complete the first two tiers prior to entering the TTG Special Forces. 

You're going to need refined physical strength and mental toughness that can utilize high levels of discipline and commitment to successfully complete this tier of the TTG workout program.  Preparation is the key to success, this workout tier is not intended for the ill-prepared nor the faint-hearted.  When ready to join the elite, click the link below:  

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