About Us


The Tank Top Guys started as a couple of friends who enjoy being fit and helping others to get fit.  Initially our plan was to just create custom workout tanks that were fun to wear and could encourage people to strive for gains in the gym. After a couple of months, we realized this endeavor wasn't going to be a sufficient purpose for what we really wanted to create.

So we pulled back and spent the last few years developing and refining a brand.  During this development phase, we crafted a meaningful logo, a symbol that would represent strength and resiliency. 


It took us a few years to find it, but a purpose emerged for TTG: To foster a fitness apparel brand that stands to support individuals who value their health and work hard every day to support it.  This is our purpose, and we need your help to encourage others to be healthy, strong, and fit like you.  In order to fulfill our purpose, we depend on you to put in the necessary reps to support our mission.



According to the World Health Organization:

Approximately 80% of the current U.S. population does not meet the current MINIMUM exercise guidelines for aerobic or muscle-strengthening physical activity for health.

Our mission is to build an army of as many people as we possibly can to fight together to create a healthier nation.  In order to accomplish this monumental task we must start by focusing on you and your health.  We want to prepare you with the plans and gear that you will need to succeed and achieve your fitness goals.

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